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Read movie and film review for the crazies (2010) - breck eisner on allmovie - lest we make the mistake of underestimating. Eisner's remake of the low-budget 1973 the crazies romero flick is an entertaining enough affair the slick production gives it more of a blockbuster feel than the. As far as unnecessary remakes go, this revamp of the 1973 george a romero b-movie thriller is actually pretty good fun, thanks to sharp direction, a strong cast and. Movie reviews for the crazies mrqe metric: see what the critics had to say and watch the trailer. The crazies received mixed reviews it holds a 53% rating on rotten tomatoes one critic said the crazies is an interesting thematic companion piece to. Film review: the crazies this slick remake of george romero’s 1973 horror film, in which a bioweapon is accidentally unleashed on a small american town, is scary. The town folks of a small iowa town start going craaaaaaaaaaaazy after some loony inducing virus is accidentally unleashed upon them will too cool for the mental.

the crazies review The crazies is a 2010 american science fiction horror film directed by breck eisner on review aggravator rotten tomatoes.

'the crazies' review spill crew reviews 'the crazies. By beanfigger i, once again, had very high hopes for this horror remake the definition of insanity is going through the same process over and over again and. The crazies has it both ways, uglifying the punishers and the punishees, all marauding brutes. The crazies dvd review written by supernova dvd released by blue underground several years before george romero would hit it. The crazies blu-ray review - directed by breck eisner and starring timothy olyphant, radha mitchell and danielle panabaker. Breck eisner delivers a really very good remake of george a romero's the crazies ron explains just why it works so well.

The crazies, a remake of a seldom-seen 1972 george romeo film, is about a small town whose inhabitants drink tainted water and become deranged. Plot: a mysterious toxin infects a small town’s water supply, turning most of the inhabitants into psychotic killers after the non-infected re. George a romero returns to night of the living dead turf with middling success in this quirky end-of-civilization thriller, also released as the crazies the.

On review aggravator rotten tomatoes, the film has an overall approval rating of 71% based on 148 reviews the crazies (2010 film) the crazies on imdb. Breck eisner’s the crazies might make you believe something this hellacious isn’t just a work of far-flung fiction, but a possible reality for a hollywood horror.

Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for the crazies [original motion picture soundtrack] - mark isham on allmusic - while it might seem a. Is the crazies family friendly find out only at movieguide the family and christian guide to movie reviews and entertainment news. The crazies movie reviews & metacritic score: the military attempts to contain a manmade combat virus that causes death and permanent insanity in those infec.

The crazies review

The crazies free download - crimson crazies, crimson crazies, casino crazies, and many more programs. Too rational to endure alongside george a romero's nightmarish living dead movies, the crazies is still a tense, visceral, politically aware cult classic.

  • It would be a contortionist feat to find much relevance or depth amongst all the gloss and noise in breck eisner's (sahara) paint-by-numbers update of this somewhat.
  • Read the empire review of the crazies find out everything you need to know about the film from the world's biggest movie destination.
  • Title: the crazies directed by: breck eisner starring: timothy olyphant, radha mitchell, joe anderson, danielle panabaker if any horror movie deserves a reboot, it.
  • George romero was a semi-hot commodity at the time while the follow-up films, there's always vanilla and season of the witch failed to make much of an impression.

“we’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when” rumbles johnny cash at the start of breck eisner’s george a romero reboot. We don't have any reviews for the crazies media most popular videos 1 backdrops 13 posters 30 recommendations 10/17/2007 30 days of night 62. A review of the big budget remake of the crazies (2010) on basementrejectscom. Please george, make this film again, and make it right the film's story and plot is imaginative, however it over all is a poorly acted and scripted film romero.

the crazies review The crazies is a 2010 american science fiction horror film directed by breck eisner on review aggravator rotten tomatoes. the crazies review The crazies is a 2010 american science fiction horror film directed by breck eisner on review aggravator rotten tomatoes.
The crazies review
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